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Referral Evaluation

Being referred, unfortunately, came as no surprise. I struggled immensely with the final major project. It was a shameful toil that I don’t like to reflect on. The work that I have accomplished during this referral period has easily doubled, if not tripled the work I could show for the initial deadline. I’m slowly beginning document my ideas in a visual manner, learning to relax and play. I am capable of being free and unkempt but when it comes to my work I like to control all aspects. Surrender is a fleeting yet tangible skill. I hope that in this presented body of work you can begin to see the delicate shift. I have also noticed, even post-referral, that I have a strong tendency to over edit. I credit this, in part, with the bleakness of my initial work.

In regard to the feedback I received, I focused on three main aspects: visualizing concepts, maintaining a reflective journal, and relating contextual references to my own work. In my sketchbook, you will find numerous lines of enquiry, established and visualized. I found this most relevant because upon submission, I presented only one idea that eventually became my final, with no evidence of development. I’ve also included a small, yet valid, reflective journal. Contextual references supported by annotations can be found on this blog. 

Reviewing this body of work, I feel comfortable in stating that there is a clear indication of positive change. Beyond the sizable difference in the amount of work, this submission presents a rich and evidently stronger representation of my ability.


I had a lazy day. Instead of being mindless and boring, I filled my brain with information via documentary marathon.

I was introduced to Jenny Holzer last term by one of my tutors. I tend to use language more than I use image, so needless to say, I’ve been curious about her work. This film satiated any questions I had. Her truisms are breathtaking. I wish I could somehow live in their delicate world. I could easily see myself working in a similar manner. I highly recommend this film. Anytime, anywhere. 

I had a lazy day. Instead of being mindless and boring, I filled my brain with information via documentary marathon.

Objectified was a brilliant film about product design. I found that the interactive aspect, in terms of considering humanity, corresponded directly to how graphic designers communicate to the public. I can’t say that it directly related to my project. Nonetheless, it was a nice break and very interesting. 

Today, I missed my Moms 50 birthday, and I feel sad about that. 


nothing on nothing on nothing


I CURSE THESE LEGS I WALK ON, absolutely effortless.